Attention ALL Home Owners

Is your home as energy efficient as you would like? Are your energy bills outrageous? Do Ameren and Laclede consider you a GREAT Customer because of the size of your utility bills?  Let me help you change all this and perform a Home Energy Check! We will sit down and go through your average bills and then I will check all the necessary areas of your home that you could be losing money from. We will inspect your home’s building envelope, heating and cooling system, insulation and many other areas. We can then calculate your energy usage and I will provide you with a detailed energy report that can start saving you money on DAY ONE!

The average Missourian will spend about $2400 on their home energy costs this year. That breaks down to about $200 a month to the energy gods. Let me help you save some money! Call me today at (314) 698-0411 or schedule your appointment online from the home page.

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