September 28, 2022

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Success Story of Elon musk

Elon Musk, a very known name by everyone. He is the real-life, Iron Man.
We all have heard about Tesla Motors SpaceX and Hyperloop. So he is the man who is the CEO of Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors is a car company, which makes electronic cars. Elon Musk created three companies that were Tesla PayPal and SpaceX.

Early life of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born in South Africa. His faith was South African and his mother was Canadian. His parent’s goods divorced when he was nine years old.

Elon musk

Elon was very fond of reading books from an early age. He also himself learned about programming and when he was 12, he developed a game. The game was an action game, where a fight is to be done. By seeing the popularity of the game, one company purchased the game is $500.

School life of Elon

Elon’s school life was not at all. He had a very difficult time in school. Most of the time, other students bullied him in school. This is due to its colour. He is very different from all of them, that is why they always keep disturbing him.

In South African schools, every male has to join an army at the age of, 18. But Elon did not want to do it so he moved to Canada at his mother’s place. After completing school at the age of 17.

College Life

When he went to Canada, he does job in very low income for his survival, and other works Elon, move to untitled state for the further studies, as he received the scholarship from the university. From there, he took his bachelor degree

He then went to San for university for Ph.D. but he only went for two days there, and then left to start a new company Elon and his brother then started a company, and named it zip2 He always through of saving money so, the used to sleep in the company and took both in nearly gym.

After that, when they sold his company Elon, took his share and started a new company,, which was later merged with someone and named change of it to PayPal. He got fired from his own company, from the position of CEO.

After that, eBay purchases it, and according to the deal Elon got his share and from now Elon’s life of becoming rich and successful got started
when he got his share he took a decision to start a company.

The company, he thought of it was of electronic cars, electronic cars were not very popular at that time, and people are very least interested to buy them.

Tesla starting the company in which he invested was named as Tesla, and after in investing he becomes CEO of that company. First, the company was going on in failure because already the reputation of Tesla was not good in the eye of the public.

Afterwords he himself started taking care of each and everything of the company personally. He made many changes and innovation in the car and after that company got much success. It got very famous that, if anyone nowadays. Takes about electronic can then, obviously, Tesla often comes in the mind of the people.

Elon musk

Tesla become a very big name and it was all because of Elon’s hard work, and struggle is SpaceX was also his company, and it was also not successful in the starting, but later on, they got success. They become the first private company to send a spacecraft to an international space station.

Lesson from his life

Elon Musk, always used to say that he. We should not give up. If we do hard work and struggle, then surely we will he getting success in our life. It someone get demotivated in just one try, then it is for sure he will get never get success.

You just always have to say to yourself, that I can do it. And I will do it. The situation cannot stop me in any way.

As soon as jobs took birth is parents took a decision to give him to someone else. They both are very young and could not be bear jobs, responsibility when he was very small. They gave him to his adopted parents.