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Hi, I am Mike Smith and the owner of Reality Property Inspections. We are top rated in the St. Louis area and provide quality Home Inspection services which include: Real Estate transactions, Energy and Maintenance Checks, Indoor Air Quality and Termite/Pest Inspections. We understand that a clean and safe home will provide you and your family with a healthy environment to live in. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional home inspection at the best affordable price. As your home inspector, it is my job to reveal the truth about the property that you want to buy, sell or maintain.

Professionalism, Experience and Superior Quality home inspections are at the heart of our business philosophy. Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide value to the customers we serve, and we are committed to quality and integrity in everything we do.

Here are some great Home Buying tips from InterNACHI

  1. Help your agent help you. Give your real estate agent as much information as possible. Your agent isn’t a mind-reader. Tell your agent what type of home you’re looking for, where you want to live, and how much you want to spend. Be honest with your agent.
  2. Test-drive your commute to and from work during peak traffic hours. Is the home you want as close to your workplace time-wise as you thought it was? Part of the real cost of a home is the cost of traveling to and from work.
  3. Visit the home in the rain. Even if you can’t get permission to enter the home on short notice, observe the exterior. Are the gutters and downspouts diverting water away from the home? What does the grading look like? Does the driveway slope away from the garage? How about the dirt road to the home—what does it look like in the rain?
  4. Walk the neighborhood. Don’t just drive around in your car. Get out and walk it.
  5. Don’t rely solely on the seller’s disclosure. Sellers are under no obligation to disclose problems they don’t know about. And, for that reason, many sellers don’t want to know what is wrong with their house. Hire Reality Property Inspections to verify what the seller claims in the seller’s disclosure.
  6. Ask your seller about any disturbing noises or foul odors. Is there a business nearby that creates emissions? Is the home under an airport route? Is there a train track nearby? How about horse stalls or commercial agriculture? Talk to the neighbors to find out. Visit the home in the middle of a business day. If possible, also park outside the home at night with your car windows rolled down to find out how busy or noisy the area is during the time when it should be most peaceful.
  7. Ask to see the utility bills. If you’re moving into a larger home, expect your utility bills to be higher. We can help you learn about ways to lower your energy costs and minimize your water usage.
  8. Make sure the inspection addendum in your purchase agreement gives you the ability to back out of the deal if we find something horribly wrong. It should also require that your full deposit be returned to you if you decide not to buy the home because of something revealed in the home inspection report.
  9. Remember that no home is perfect, not even a new one. Don’t make the mistake of not getting a home inspection on a newly-constructed home. Houses aren’t created like new cars on an assembly line. Each home is hand-built by a variety of different tradesmen. If you’re buying a new home, get it inspected by Reality Property Inspections.

Supra Key

We have Supra Key access. The Supra System makes it easy for home inspectors to access properties and eliminate the need for a realtor to be present.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
By Appointment only

Inspection Pricing

Certified Home Inspections start at $325
Complete Moving Packages start at $575
Reality Checks start at $200
Septic System Inspections start at $275
Home Energy Checks start at $150
Small Business Energy Checks (call for free consultation) CALL
Environmental checks such as a mold or allergen issue, (call for free consultation) CALL
Complete inspection of swimming pools or spas with water check start at $75
Wood Destroying Organism Checks (termite/pest) start at $75

Payment is due on the day of the Inspection. I accept cash, checks, money orders and most major credit cards using the square reader 

Please feel free to review the standards that I follow:

InterNACHI Inspection Standards
International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors

Discounts available for 

  • Members of the Military (active, veteran & reserve), EMS, Fire and Police! (Hero’s Discount)

  • Home Buyers/Owners over the age of 59 years!

  • Members of AARP!

Links to help with health and safety related issues

Government Information

Franklin County Jefferson County
St. Charles County St. Francois County
St. Louis County Washington County
Missouri DHSS Missouri DNR
EPA Department of Energy

Realtor Information

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