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Hi, I am Mike Smith and the owner of Reality Property Inspections. My experience spans close to 40 years in the construction, mechanical and environmental fields. As your home inspector, it is my job to reveal the truth about the property that you are wanting to purchase, sell or maintain. I understand that a clean and safe home will provide you and your family with a healthy environment to live and grow in. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality, professional home inspection at the best affordable price.

I am top rated in the St. Louis area providing a variety of Home Inspection services which include: Pre-Listing or Purchase inspections, Energy, Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Checks. Professionalism, Experience and Superior Quality home inspections are at the heart of my business philosophy. Your satisfaction is my number one priority. And with that being said, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure of that.

I perform home inspections 7 days a week. If you schedule your home inspection from the website, available days and times will be present for you to chose from. I will respond as soon as I am able once I receive your notification. I thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon!

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I know that 10 business days for your home inspection window can go very fast. And during these days, your head is probably spinning also. So let’s just take it easy, breath and focus. During your home inspection window, you may need numerous inspections depending upon the home and your particular situation. Getting the home inspected is only the first step in the process. There may be systems that will need further inspection, such as the Electrical or Plumbing systems. Scheduling other contractors will take additional time. In my experience, I have found that the four most common contractors you would need to contact are; an Electrician, Plumber, Roofer, and HVAC (Heating & Cooling) Technician. And to be honest, these contractors will probably be the most important that you will need throughout your homeownership. So, it is recommended to find a like-minded, quality contractor that you might use for many years to come.

Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking. You can’t see it or smell it. The only way to know if it there is to test for it. Take care of your family and have the testing completed. Some homeowners may have already had Radon Gas testing completed. Ask your Realtor about this. A Radon Check will only take a few hours to complete. An above normal reading is not necessarily a deal killer. Radon mitigation is in no way as expensive as the treatment for lung cancer.

Now there are a few other inspections you may need to get and they are a sewer lateral camera inspection and private well and septic inspections. I highly recommend that you get these inspections simply because the cost to replace either would be over $7500. For your sewer lateral inspection, you can give Cathy of The Sewer Pros a call at (314) 821-1600 and she can normally get your sewer lateral inspection within a day or so. You can also get in touch with Chris at Show Me Soils for your septic and private well inspections. You can call him at (636)-629-1788. You will need to give them basic information about the current occupancy and water status of the home.

As far as gaining access to the home on inspection day, I have Supra key access. So do all team members of Sewer Pro’s and Show Me Soils. Supra is an electronic lockbox system for the Real Estate Industry. If the home does not have Supra, please get any combinations or codes from your Realtor. If you need to have further system inspections by another contractor and they do not have Supra, please give me a call and I will go to the home during their inspection for you.

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Inspection Pricing

Your price consists of the home inspection and a detailed inspection report. The home inspection itself is based upon the actual square footage of the home. For obvious reasons, a larger home will cost more to inspect. All areas of the home that are accessible on the day of inspection will be inspected for any system or component defects. Some areas may not be inspected for many reasons, an example would be a very steep or snow-covered roof which would put my safety in question. Your report will be completed within 24 hours of the inspection. When I am completed, I will send you and your Realtor (with your permission) a pdf copy by email so that your inspection process may continue. Within a week, you should receive your bound printed copy of the inspection report.

I provide an inspection discount for all First Responders (EMS, Fire, and Police), Military Personnel (Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans) and to those who are age 59 and above. The coupon below is not applicable to this discount.

Payment is normally due on the day of the Inspection. I accept cash, checks, money orders and most major credit cards using the Square Reader. If you need to make payment at closing, please inform me and I will send you an authorization form to be signed by you and given to the closing agent.

Inspection TypesDetailsPrices begin at
Home InspectionsBased upon square footage$275
Complete Moving PackagesPre-listing and Pre-Purchase$550
Sewer Lateral InspectionCall Sewer Pro's at (314) 821-1600 $189
Septic System InspectionsCall ShowMe Soils at (636)-629-1788$275
Home Energy ChecksBased upon square footage$175
Radon ChecksResults with in hours.$125
Small Business Energy ChecksCall for free consultationCALL
Allergen, Mold or VOC ChecksCall for free consultationCALL



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